How it all began

...not all that long ago – a boy met a girl, and a girl met a boy.

They spent day in and day out lying in each other’s arms, laughing, joking, smiling and even sometimes arguing. But most of all they would talk, I mean really really chat. They would understand each other, care about each other and always, no matter what they would make time for each other.

Now, in our current day and age here is how the story goes...

Boy logs onto Tinder, girl is already on tinder. They swipe left and right until they finally meet. They meet, get together, get married (or not) and spend evening after evening at home on the sofa, watching TV while simultaneously flicking through twitter/instagram/facebook (hopefully not tinder) while possibly praying for the kids to drop off to sleep, before finally heading off to the land of nod before work the next morning.

When Kayleigh and Mike (co-founders) met as youngsters at Secondary School, never did they realise that 13 years later they would set up a successful subscription box company that would also strengthen their own relationship.

After struggling to fit in quality time together, they realised that a glass of wine in front of the telly was not what "Date Night" should be about, and that they weren’t the only couple in search of a better option, they wanted something better.

Date night was born.

They wanted to set aside some “Protected Time” to spend together every month, doing something a bit different, but most importantly something that didn’t involve smartphones, TV’s or social media.

They wanted a Date Night that helped couples make the most out of their time together, without needing to worry about a babysitter.

So they designed Date Night!